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About The Knowledge Jar

Preserving Workplace Know-How

We solve the #1 cause of workplace chaos—losing critical knowledge when an employee leaves. Our solution is a fully customized online knowledge base, replacing outdated training approaches. We meticulously document everyday procedures, crafting a video curriculum for easy access. Additionally, we provide ongoing courses and coaching to foster knowledge growth, all without the steep costs associated with consultants or learning management systems.

When individuals leave their roles, they take valuable, sometimes irreplaceable insights about how things function, from major tasks to nuanced details. Our mission is to prevent the ensuing chaos by creating a comprehensive knowledge repository. This ensures that essential information is perpetually at your fingertips, whether you’re onboarding new team members, reinforcing best practices, tackling unfamiliar tasks, or seeking specialized organizational insights.

At The Knowledge Jar, we’re committed to delivering value, including budget-friendly pricing, because we believe that growing your knowledge should be accessible and affordable.

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Connecting Business, Tech, and Marketing


Unleash your business’s true potential with our expertise. Our strategies have propelled 2X revenue growth for clients, helping them thrive in competitive markets.


Stay on the cutting edge of technology with our solutions. We’ve developed 20+ innovative apps, harnessing the power of tech to transform businesses.


Supercharge your brand with our marketing mastery. Our strategies have boosted client engagement by 25% and delivered an impressive 10 times ROI.

Our Partnership


In a community where 1 in 6 households grapple with food insecurity and 1 in 5 children are touched by hunger, the challenges facing Collin County are profound. The burden of poverty restricts numerous families from fulfilling their fundamental needs.

At The Storehouse of Collin County, the mission is clear: to be the helping hand that feeds, clothes, and cares for neighbors in unity. Recognizing the pressing issues at hand, The Knowledge Jar is honored to align itself with this noble cause. Together, we strive to make a meaningful impact and address the urgent needs of our community.


Welcome to Cowboys Club, the exclusive social and dining destination at The Star in Frisco, Texas, where The Knowledge Jar proudly partners with passion for Dallas Cowboys football.

Our partnership extends beyond the sidelines, offering exclusive events such as coach and player chalk talks, and providing insights into business and football operations. Together with Cowboys Club, we create a vibrant community where members can actively engage with the legacy of the Dallas Cowboys. Join us in celebrating the shared commitment to excellence and success that defines both The Knowledge Jar and Cowboys Club.

Meet Our Team

Victor Cuevas

Founder - The Knowledge Jar

  • 20+ years of supply chain experience, saving millions.
  • MBA & Industrial Engineering background, driving innovation.
  • Certified in AI & Machine Learning for tech-driven excellence.
  • Leading digital transformation.
  • Solutions-focused for growth.

Kaylin Cuevas

CEO - The Knowledge Jar

  • Responsible for growth strategies and brand recognition for the The Knowledge Jar
  • Devote follower of Christ and children’s ministry leader within St. Andrew’s Methodist Church

Our Power Wing

As the world of knowledge continually evolves, we have adapted and grown. To further expand our digital solution offerings and provide you with even more value, we are proud to announce our collaboration with AtliQ. Our partnership is deeply grounded in our commitment to ethics, transparency, and a dedication to serving others.

AtliQ brings a wealth of expertise in more than +20 industries, complementing our strengths perfectly. Together, we are poised to offer innovative solutions and exceptional service.

We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration holds and look forward to the opportunity to serve you better than ever before. Stay tuned for the exciting developments that lie ahead!

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